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Dapan Table and Kitchen Margerine



Margarine made from Vegetable Oils emulsified with water, contains aroma products, lactic flavor, natural color, salt and bacteria growth inhibitors. Special technology in our manufacturing process makes it soft and creamy. No need to refrigerate.



Spreadable on bread, potatoes, toasts and any snack you wish to eat. For fast frying of eggs, frankfurters…that will be eaten right away.



Dapan Table and Kitchen Margerine is avalilable in plastic sealed Containers inside a carton box with following sizes.

210 Gr Box 18 units
210 Gr Box 36 units
450 Gr Box 18 units
450 Gr Box 9 units


Shelve Life:

Six (6) months from manufacturing date.


Storage Conditions:

Dapan Table and Kitchen Margerine non refrigerated can be stored at room temperature between 10 and 30° C with good ventilation and Humidity free. While stored in carton cases never load more than (6) six Boxes high. Once opened care must be taken to close and avoid foreign substances Such as food leftovers or foreign matter.


Technical Information:



Minimun Fatty Acid (%) 80.0
Maximum Water (%) 17
Salt (%) 3.0
Acid Value (Oleic Acid) % 0.35
Melting Point Range (°C) 32-34
Peroxide Value on delivery (max) (meq O2/Kg) 1.0


Microbiological Information:

Total count mesosphere aerobic microorganisms (Max) UFC/Gr 5.000
Fungus and yeas count (Max) (UFC/Gr) 100
Total Coli form (Max) (UFC/Gr) 11
Total Fecal coli form (Max) (UFC/Gr) 3
Staphylococcus cogulasa + Negative
Liphoproteolitic enzymes Negative





Temes:DAPAN Margarine


C.I. FAMAR S.A. Km 1 Via Cienaga, Santa Marta, Colombia.
Phone Number: + (57) 316-4540586 - (57) 316-4540587 - (57) 316-4540588 - (57) 316-4540591