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Our Company

About Us

FAMAR's goal is to be recognized as:

  • An international preferred manufacturer of palm oil and its derivatives, always putting environmental sustainability and quality products first.
  • A diverse team of talented professionals with expertise in palm oil manufacturing, at every level of our operations.

For the past 20 years, Famar has been a global "green" supplier of quality, earth-friendly trans-free products and organic oils.

Our dedication to excellence has allowed us to become the leading authority in vegetable lipid and oil manufacturing. In addition to our continued legacy to promote environmental responsibility and the responsible use of natural resources.

FAMAR is an equal opportunity employer committed to the overall welfare of our employees who help us help the world to live better everyday.



We are a company manufactures and trades at local and foreign markets food products base don vegetable fats and oils, supplying to our customers the best quality and services. Our job is ruled by an aim of continuous improvement and at the same time we promote the permanent development of our human resource, assuring a fair retribution for our shareholders and promoting the respect of the whole environment involved in our activities.



...is to be recognized as the palm oil and margarine manufacturer of choice because we deliver value to our customers and shareholders.

Additionally, we have continued to maintain our green initiative at the highest level with respect for both the environment and the FAMAR family.

  • An employer that fosters a culture of continuous self and corporate improvement, which embraces the responsibility of creating a better world for our future.


Quality Statement

Here in C. I. Famar S. A. we work to satisfy our customers with good products, on time deliveries and reliable technical service, supported in a Quality System thriving to improve in every process to maintain, optimize and innovate our daily work, getting involved our suppliers, our distribution network and our customers.


Corporate Values

  • Learning Motivation.
  • Effective Communication.
  • Customer Oriented.Passion.
  • Service.
  • Focus On Results.
  • Team Work.Innovation.
  • Persistence.
  • Discipline.
  • Comitment And Continuing Improvement.


Green Iniciative

As part of our commitment, not only with our customers, share and stake holders, but with the environment, the Famar Group is taking the lead in the implementation of the principles and criteria from Round Table for Sustainable Palm (RSPO) to improve conditions of our workers, their families and communities around our plantations, Extraction Mill and Refinery. Our first plantations were established back in the late 70s in areas used for agriculture in a very fertile strip of land on the foothills of Sierra Nevada, in northern Colombia province of Magdalena. Our principles to manage the Land has been always in connection with the sustainable practices developed in years of experience as well as trained people to make sure we get the best from the Land and as we proved indeed with the implementation back in year 2000, of our organic plantations from where we are supplying our customers in Europe and the US with very successful quality products.

We have refined our practices over the years and it is a source of pride our current biological pest control, anti-erosion programs, reduction in agro-chemicals use and the residual water control in our plantations among other programs currently being executed.

We are glad to summarize our Green Initiative in the following points:

  • Control and better use of water resources both at plantation level and factories.
  • Solid residual emissions control.
  • Liquid residual emissions control.
  • Gas emissions control.
  • Social responsibility.

You can be sure we want to be your sustainable source of world quality palm products!



FAMAR S.A., located in Santa Marta, Colombia, is a company whose primary activity is the production and sale of palm oil and its derivatives. FAMAR markets refined vegetable oil via both wholesale and retail markets. The company is vertically integrated as part of a large agro-industrial group of the region.

Our privileged location on the Caribbean sea, distant 20 Km away from the seaport of Santa Marta (deep water, no draft restriction all year round, road and railway service, with specialized infrastructure to handle bulk oil shipments) and located by the international highway ranging from Colombia to Venezuela, as a well as Caribbean access, give us the best possible conditions to serve efficiently the whole area, as well as North, Central, South America and Europe.




C.I. FAMAR S.A. Km 1 Via Cienaga, Santa Marta, Colombia.
Phone Number: + (57) 316-4540586 - (57) 316-4540587 - (57) 316-4540588 - (57) 316-4540591