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Seasoned BEIKER



This product is manufactured from edible vegetable oils emulsified to high consistency, homogenized and enriched with baking improvers to obtain a better dough quality. It also promotes fast fermentation and sponging as well as elasticity to obtain a batter color after baking, a firmer crust and better size. The high porosity and high quality crumb give bread a soft taste. Also, it prevents mold and helps extend shelve life.



This product is designed for dry hard crust and fast selling bread.



Dapan Soft is packed in cartons and inner plastic bag.

15 Kg Carton with inner plastic bag


Shelve Life:

Six (6) months from manufacturing date.


Storage Conditions:

Beiker product must be stored between 15 and 25 °C in well ventilated place free from humidity. Should not be piled more than five (5) boxes high.


Technical Information:



Minimun Fatty Acid (%) 49.0
Maximum Water (%) 47
Salt (%) 2.0
Melting Point Range (°C) 37-38


Microbiological Information:

Total count mesosphere aerobic microorganisms (Max) UFC/Gr 5.000
Fungus and yeas count (Max) (UFC/Gr) 100
Total Coli form (Max) (UFC/Gr) 11
Total Fecal coli form (Max) (UFC/Gr) 3
Staphylococcus cogulasa + Negative
Liphoproteolitic enzymes Negative



Temes:Seasoned BEIKER


C.I. FAMAR S.A. Km 1 Via Cienaga, Santa Marta, Colombia.
Phone Number: + (57) 316-4540586 - (57) 316-4540587 - (57) 316-4540588 - (57) 316-4540591