Topacio Vegetable Oil


Product manufactured from the liquid fraction of palm oil, also known as palm olein. Suitable for domestic use in the frying of any type of edible products. Resistance to oxidative processes which confers a longer performance. It has a high performance and do not leave any residual odors or flavors on the fried product. This vegetal oil has the KOSHER PAREVE denomination.


Trans Fatty Acids Free


11111PET250 C.C.48 Units Box
11121PET500 C.C.24 Units Box
11131PET1000 C.C.12 Units Box
11137PET2000 C.C.9 Units Box
11046PET3000 C.C.6 Units Box
11065High density polyethylene.20 LitersUnit
11075High density polyethylene Jerrycans20 LitersUnit
54210Flexibags22 TonsUnit
Toten1 TonUnit

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