• Margarine

Dapan Multipurpose Margarine

Margarine made from Vegetable Oils emulsified with water, using high Quality emulsifiers, homogenized…
  • Margarine

Dapan Table and Kitchen Margerine

Spreadable on bread, potatoes, toasts and any snack you wish to eat. For fast frying of eggs, frankfurters…that will be eaten right away.
  • Margarine

Dapan Pastry Margarine

This Margarine is used to bake high quality cakes and fine and smooth cookies, special breads and all special bakery mixtures.
  • Margarine

Dapan Soft Margarine

This Margarine is used to make all kind of bakery products, such as bread, cakes and biscuits, with low fat content.
  • Margarine

Seasoned BEIKER

This product is designed for dry hard crust and fast selling bread.
  • Margarine


This seasoning is used in bakeries to make dry hard crust breads.
  • Margarine

Dapan Puff Pastry Margarine

This margarine is recommended for making croissant flaky pastry, Danish pastry and all kind of similar products that require folded dough.
  • Margarine

Dapan Soft Plus Margarine

This Margarine is used to make high quality cakes , spongy crackers, special breads and all pastry products.
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