An international preferred manufacturer of palm oil and its derivatives

Welcome to C.I. FAMAR S.A.

Famar is an edible oil processor, manufacturer of margarines and shortenings as well as packed oils made under international standards. We actually serve both t he domestic and international markets with our products delivering top service and quality. We offer organic products suited for the bakery industry and also we offer our technical expertise to develop custom products for the food industry or non edible applications.


Vegetable Oil




Palm oil, the new cure?

GEORGE TOWN: Palm oil is set to shed its negative image as more scientific…

Health Benefits

15 times richer in beta-carotene than carrot!. The nutritional and health benefits of palm…


Our Products

Topacio Vegetable Oil

Product manufactured from the liquid fraction of palm oil, also known as palm olein. Suitable for domestic use in the frying of any type of edible products.

Dapan Table and Kitchen Margarine

Margarine made from Vegetable Oils emulsified with water, contains aroma products, lactic flavor, natural color, salt and bacteria growth inhibitors.

D-Max Gourmet Vegetable shortening

Mezcla de aceite de palma y aceites fraccionados, contiene agentes emulsificantes. Este producto esta diseñado para panadería…

Green Initiative

Leader in the implementation of principles and criteria of the Round Table for Sustainable Palm (RSPO)