Dapan Pastry Margarine

100% Vegetable

15 Kg

Margarine made from Vegetable Oils emulsified with water, using high Quality emulsifiers, homogenized and crystallized y high pressure and low temperature equipment that give that creamy and soft consistency. Contains aroma products, lactic flavor, natural color, salt and bacteria growth inhibitors. Its formulation includes ingredients that give extra smoothness to bakery products.

Creamy Consistency

Trans Fatty Acids Free


This Margarine is used to bake high quality cakes and fine and smooth cookies, special breads and all special bakery mixtures.

Shelve Life

Six (6) months from manufacturing date.

Storage Conditions

Dapan Pastry can be stored at temperature between 15 and 25 °C with good ventilation and humidity free. While stored in carton cases never load more than (5) five Boxes high. Once opened care consume as fast as possible.


Dapan Pastry is packed in cartons and inner plastic bag.

15 KgCarton with inner plastic bag

Technical Information


Minimun Fatty Acid (%)80
Maximum Water (%)20
Salt (%)1.0
Acid Value (Oleic Acid) %0.35
Melting Point Range (°C)38-39
Peroxide Value on delivery (max) (meq O2/Kg)2.0

Microbiological Information

Total count mesosphere aerobic microorganisms (Max) UFC/Gr5.000
Fungus and yeas count (Max) (UFC/Gr)100
Total Coli form (Max) (UFC/Gr)11
Total Fecal coli form (Max) (UFC/Gr)3
Staphylococcus cogulasa +Negative
Liphoproteolitic enzymesNegative

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